IHOP coupons

IHOP was founded by Albert Kallis, Al lapin and Jerry Lapin in 1958 with the help of William Kaye and Sherwood Rosenberg. The very first restaurant was opened on July 7, 1958 in Toluca, L.A., California. The restaurant was designed as a place, which featured different types of pancakes, crepes, blintzes from different countries and offered at affordable prices. Another their great concept is a wide range of syrups with different flavors. Later on, especially in 1980’s the menu was expended. It was decided to add lunch and dinner items, just like in similar restaurants, like Denny’s.

On July 16, 2007, IHOP stated that it would like to acquire Applebee’s International Inc, the bar and grill chain. It was evaluated at $2.1 billion and IHOP would pay another $25.50/share for Applebee’s under the deal. Also, IHOP stated that it would acquire most of Applebee’s 500 facilities and at that time the company had 1,943 restaurants worldwide (including the ones, operated by franchisees).

Nowadays, IHOP is as popular as it was before thanks to its specialty and to their IHOP coupon system. One can find IHOP coupons on their official site or you can sometimes find it in some magazines (the list of those magazines is indicated on the site). There are two types of coupons there are IHOP coupons that are printable and in digital form. A coupon gives you a discount for certain meal from the menu or it gives you a 20% discount on everything you’ll buy. So, if you would like to find coupons for IHOP – the internet is the first place to look for it. And, if you’ll register on the IHOP official web-site – you’ll get coupons right on your e-mail.

On November 29, 2007, the Applebee company had approved its takeover with a larger than 70% vote although the number of its executives were against it. For example: Burton Sack – the chain’s largest shareholder. He wanted to take IHOP to court to make them pay more because the price they offered was unfair to the shareholders. The Applebee was completely taken over on November, 2007. A brand was completely remade: the image was changed and the name was changed to Dine Equity on May 28, 2008.

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